Are IVF Babies Smarter

Are IVF Babies Smarter

Are IVF Babies Smarter?

Researchers discovered that IVF Babies who were conceived using IVF treatment with ICSI  on common have a better IQ than naturally conceived Babies. Since its introduction, critics pointed to ICSI as probably causing delays in an IVF baby’s improvement and habits. ICSI is used in a big portion of IVF treatments .

The European research noticed and measured the intelligence and general improvement of 151 eight-year old Babies conceived with IVF treatment using ICSI. The outcomes showed that the typical IQ of Babies conceived with fertility remedy was on average 112, whereas the children conceived naturally had on average an IQ of 107. For a similar causes ICSI seemingly does not have any influence on lower IQs it likely just isn’t the trigger for larger IQs. It’s suspected that couples who had a child via infertility treatment give their little one extra attention than mother and father who conceived their baby naturally. So we can conclude by saying that IVF Babies Smart.


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