4D Ultrasound Scans

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4D Ultrasound scans are Medical tools used to examine the health and internal organs of a growing fetus. It helps gynaecologists identify different types of complications. This enables the doctors to treat the baby at the earliest.

These 4D scans are done throughout pregnancy, this helps the Doctor to detect any kind of anomalies such as a cleft lip, and underdeveloped limbs and also help keep a track of spinal problems and other congenital disabilities. It helps in monitoring the amniotic fluid too.

Benefits of a 4D Scan

How does 3D/4D scan work?

The probe or a transducer coated with a conductive gel is a device used to perform the ultrasound, which sends a signal inside the Mothers womb.  4D ultrasounds create a live video effect – you can watch the movement of hands and legs, smiles, and even the yawns of the foetus. The scan is safe and painless.


Why Choose Procare Hospitals for Your 4D Scan?

Procare Hospitals offer 4D scans during pregnancy. This allows you to discover the movement and activities of your baby in an amazing way. It is truly magical when you see your baby stretching, sleeping, kicking, wriggling, or yawing in the womb.

At Procare Hospitals, the 4D ultrasound scan is performed by professional, friendly, and dedicated sonographers. We aim at providing high-quality and easily accessible services to our patients.

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