Infertility is a world wide problem, affecting about 15% of couples in their reproductive age. However, the infertility rate is higher in Africa than in other  continents with its stigma, more prominent in women.

Medically, it expected that a healthy female in her reproducing age, would conceive within 3 months of exposure to unprotected sex. A couple is therefore, tagged infertile medically, when they cannot conceive within 12-24 months of unprotected and regular intercourse or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term.

However, 80% of infertility cases can be treated. With developing medical technologies, new methods of fertility treatments are invented and innovated. These include fertility medications, fertility counselling and assisted conception.

Nigeria has not been left out of the trend, as almost regularly, there are new fertility hospitals in Nigeria. El-Rapha Hospital and Diagnostic is one of the Top fertility hospitals in Nigeria and evolving to be the best fertility clinic in Nigeria. Our Top notch  Fertility hospital located in Abuja, offers cheap fertility treatment for quality service.

Our walk in center at Life camp Abuja is staffed with a team of high profiled gynaecologists, embryologists, medical laboratory scientists and the best staff of any fertility clinic in Nigeria. Our vision is to completely erase the stigma of infertility in Nigeria, and become the best fertility clinic in Abuja, best fertility clinic in Nigeria and the world at large.

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