Health Tips

1:  Measure and watch your weight often. Keeping track of your body weight on a daily, weekly basis, helps you see when you are gaining some weight 

2: Limit unhealthy food and eat more healthy meals (. Do not forget to eat breakfast, eat foods rich in protein, fiber, less fat, sugar, and calories.  Get natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Cut down on salt intake too as it plays a role in raising blood pressures 

3: Drink water often and stay hydrated. Limit or stop Soft drinks (if possible). Soft drinks contain lots of sugar. Early in the mornings, you take a glass of water, this aids in digestion,  skin glow, and also boosts energy. 

4: Exercise regularly. When you exercise you are physically and mentally fit. You glow, and you are even happier.  You don’t have to go to a gym, even an hour of brisk walk every day will go a long way. Also taking the stairs instead of elevators is a simple way to get more physical activity. Just move your body. 

5: Get enough sleep: There is a strong connection between the quality and quantity of sleep we have and our immune system. You can keep your immune system functioning properly by getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

6: Avoid alcohol and smoking as much as you can.  Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to liver diseases and even cancer of the liver in the long run. There is no gain or positive effect of smoking, it does not do us any good, the patient is rather exposed to chronic diseases 

7: Take multivitamins supplements. Some of these multivitamins, and probiotics help with digestion, immunity, mental health, and more. Avoid any toxic skin products. Stick to those that are mild on the skin 

8: Find ways to manage your emotions. Do things that you enjoy. Take breaks from work, and limit stress. whenever you feel you are getting overwhelmed, you take a time off and rest. Smile often

9: Finally. Routine tests and checks.

For a woman (you are supposed to know your KFT, LFT, SUGAR LEVELS, CHOLESTEROL, and BLOOD LEVEL. Screen for HIV, hep B, and C, Vdrl.

Pap smear to check for cervical cancer and when negative you go take the HPV vaccine. Breast checks, Mammogram. These should be routine at least yearly. 

For men all the above plus PSA once you are above 40.

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