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A Healthy Start To Pregnancy

[ez-toc] You can maximize your chances of conception by being aware of factors that can affect your fertility. Below are 10 fertility tips to increase your chances of conception Record Menstrual Cycle Frequency A woman who wants to have a baby should monitor her menstrual cycle and the intervals between her periods. By tracking this […]
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Introductions Immunization is a global health and development success story, saving millions of lives every year. According to research immunization currently prevents 3.5-5 million death every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza, and measles. It is one of the most impactful and cost-effective public health interventions available, averting over 4 million deaths every […]
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Endometriosis Awareness Month

Endometriosis Awareness Month takes place every year in March. It aims to raise awareness about this chronic condition. What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a chronic condition where tissue similar to that of the lining of the uterus (endometrium), grows or implants outside of the uterus, most commonly in the pelvic cavity, such as ovaries and […]
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Antibiotics have transformed the practice of medicine, making once lethal infections readily treatable and making other medical advances, like cancer chemotherapy and organ transplants, possible. Prompt initiation of antibiotics to treat infections reduces morbidity and saves lives, for example, in cases of sepsis. However, about 30% of all antibiotics prescribed in acute care hospitals are […]
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THEME: Medication Without Harm According to the National Library of Medicine, Patient safety is defined as the prevention of harm to patients. This emphasizes the system of care delivery that prevents errors; learns from the errors that do occur; and is built on a culture of safety that involves health care professionals, organizations, and patients. […]
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